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I have little problem with Excel, which sometimes happend and sometimes not.
Our teacher have one huge file, which was created in Excel and issue is this.. When she want to change for example colour of some text in few cells (not in only one of them) it shows problem with printer. She doesn't click on print and she doesn't use any shortcuts for this.
The error message show this:
"File is not possible to print in connection with problem "PrinterName". It could be because:
-There is not enough memory. Close some programs or files

-If you use to print site, there is could be some problems with site or drivers

-Cabel between computer and printer could be released or there is bad connection between them"
I would like to ask what I can do with that, because it shows problem with printer, which normaly works and in these moments she didn't want to print the file.
And also it show only with this file.

Thanks for answers

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