I want to change all this values

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1Wii SportsWii2006SportsNintendo41.4929.023.778.4682.74
2Super Mario Bros.NES1985PlatformNintendo29.083.586.810.7740.24
3Mario Kart WiiWii2008RacingNintendo15.8512.883.793.3135.82
4Wii Sports ResortWii2009SportsNintendo15.7511.013.282.9633
5Pokemon Red/Pokemon BlueGB1996Role-PlayingNintendo11.278.8910.22131.37

I want this values for example:
41.49 as 41.490
29.02 as 29.02
3.77 as 3.770

I have downloaded a csv from internet to use in my classes of Power BI and I need to change this values because I think the owner of the archive done that with just 2 decimals because he didn't wanted to use this as I want to.

Could anyone help me out with this?

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Right-click, format cells, Number category, set to 3 decimals?
No, because the numbers are on text format.

@Igorfm7 I believe your system uses comma as the decimal separator. That's why most of the numbers are left aligned and you can't increase the number of decimals. They are seen as texts.

You mention Power BI. Then I suggest you use Power Query (also part of Power BI) to transform the texts that look like numbers to suite your locale.

When I copy the data from your post I get numbers directly as my system uses the point for decimals. See attached. When you open that file it should be automatically 'translated' into numbers for you also.


So how do I do to change all the lines and collumns?

@Igorfm7 Well, if you don't know about or don't want to use Power Query despite the fact you work in Power BI, you can select (in Excel) all the 'number columns' and then Ctrl-H (Find & Replace) and replace decimal point with comma. 

I tried like that and doesn't work.

@Igorfm7 What does that mean "It doesn't work"? What did you try exactly?


1Wii SportsWii2006SportsNintendo41,4929,023,778,4683
2Super Mario Bros.NES1985PlatformNintendo29,083,586,810,7740
3Mario Kart WiiWii2008RacingNintendo15,8512,883,793,3136
4Wii Sports ResortWii2009SportsNintendo15,7511,013,282,9633
5Pokemon Red/Pokemon BlueGB1996Role-PlayingNintendo11,278,8910,22131


I don't want that like this.

What i want is:

1Wii SportsWii2006SportsNintendo41,49029,0203,7708,46082.740
2Super Mario Bros.NES1985PlatformNintendo29,0803,5806,8100,77040,240
3Mario Kart WiiWii2008RacingNintendo15,8512,883,793,3136
4Wii Sports ResortWii2009SportsNintendo15,7511,013,282,9633
5Pokemon Red/Pokemon BlueGB1996Role-PlayingNintendo11,278,8910,22131


Look at the first two lines.

And in my office, the decimals are like this:


I just want to set one more 0 at the right side of the numbers and when the number is 1 for example in line 6, I want to add three zeros. Because this 1 means 1 thousand. Do you get me right now? Maybe I wasn't clear enough on the last messages.

@Igorfm7 I understood that, but you need to transfer the texts to numbers first. Did you do the Find & Replace as I suggested? Did you change the column format to Numbers?


But perhaps we need to go back to square one. How did you import the CSV? just by double clicking on the file or a did you you use the text wizard?


I'll send a video.

Look, i don't want to see numbers with 2 decimals, btw i want to see them as xx.xxx just, because i guess the owner of the csv made that in thousands and don't wanted to make ''right'' the xx.xx.



@Igorfm7 I looked at the video. Although it quite difficult to see, I believe you did find & Replace and formatted columns G:K as Numbers. Now you need to format the number to show three decimals.

Or if the numbers are in thousands and you want whole numbers, just multiply the lot by 1000.


If that's not what you want, I don't know anymore.