Tracking late payments

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Hi all, I've been trying for a while to get something that I can use for tracking late payments made by a consumer.


So, basically a scenario like this:

Consumer owes $500 in May, makes a payment that is $200

In June, they now owe $800 ($300 is 30 days late), another $200 payment [Tracker reads 30 days late]

July, they owe $1100 (May still unsatisfied) $200 payment [Tracker reads 60 days late]

August they owe $1300 (May is satisfied, June now 60 days late) $200 payment [Tracker reads 60 days late]


and so on, but I need the tracker to tell me specifically how many days late the OLDEST unsatisfied payment is, and to update when that payment is satisfied.


I don't know if this request makes sense or not, I've been trying to sort something out but getting continually more frustrated when my ideas fail. It's the part where I want it to update when a minimum payment is satisfied (and now show how far past due the next payment is) that I keep tripping up on.


Anyone able to help?

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See the attached workbook.