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i am looking to create a spread sheet to assist in pre populating rates based on service, role and time so it pulls in the correct rate based on certain fields along with hours based on start and finish time

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In the absence of a sample of the spreadsheet you've created so far, the most anyone can offer is general advice. So here's some general advice.

Excel is good working with tables as sources to look up, for example, rates based on service and role.

Do some research on the XLOOKUP function, for example. Also INDEX in collaboration with MATCH.

Excel is also good at determining lapsed time between two date/time entries.


Here's a link to a good website--there are others--that can help you with the syntax on those functions. I've already set it to the XLOOKUP function for you.


If you want more specific help, please post a copy of the spreadsheet you have developed so far.