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Dear all,

i transfer my file CSV to excel but the time format is different (last colume)

could you pls help me how can i change time to same format? 

thank you very much




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@Orange2045 The left-aligned values are probably text values even though they look like times. Do they contain spaces after the digits?

my original csv file has the same format as below, i openned them in the same way via excel


I have 4 big csv files, and i need to put them together and delete the double lines. but once i open them via excel , they dont show the same format for the date.
do you know what will be the best way to do that? if there is a way that i can do it directly in csv file instead of in excel? thank you


-5:36 is not a valid time in Excel...

@Hans Vogelaar 

sorry actuelly -5:36 means 5hours 36 minutes.

finally we found a solution, Instead of opening with excel format,we copied the file directly in excel file with text format. this allows hours colonne have the same format. Thank you for your reply which gave us ideas!