Commercial preview of Microsoft Office LTSC 2024 is now available
Published Apr 18 2024 09:00 AM 64.8K Views

We are pleased to announce that the commercial preview of Microsoft Office LTSC 2024 is now available for both Windows and Mac. Office LTSC is built for specialized use cases that require a long-term servicing channel such as regulated devices that cannot accept feature updates for years at a time, manufacturing process control devices that are not connected to the internet, or medical testing equipment running embedded apps that must stay locked in time.  


Office LTSC 2024 will include features from past Office releases as well as a subset of new features already available in Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. As we announced in March, Office LTSC will be supported for five years under the Fixed Lifecycle Policy, in parallel with Windows 11 LTSC, which will also launch later this year. And because we know that many customers deploy Office LTSC on only a subset of their devices, we will continue to support the deployment of both Office LTSC and Microsoft 365 Apps to different machines within the same organization using a common set of deployment tools: Click-to-Run on Windows and Apple Package format (pkg) on Mac, just like Office LTSC 2021.  


Microsoft 365 continues to deliver the most secure, productive, and cost-effective Office experience, and positions customers to unlock the transformative power of AI with Microsoft Copilot. And with device-based licensing and extended offline access, Microsoft 365 offers deployment options for scenarios like computer labs and submarines that require a solution other than a user-based, always-online service. However, Office LTSC 2024 will be a valuable upgrade for customers who need to keep their Office apps on-premises.  

The following products are available as part of this preview program: 


  • Microsoft Office LTSC Professional Plus 2024 (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Access) 
  • Microsoft Office LTSC Standard for Mac 2024 (includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote)  
  • Microsoft Project Professional 2024  
  • Microsoft Visio Professional 2024         

For instructions on how to install and activate the previews of Office LTSC, Project, and Visio on a Windows device, visit Install Office LTSC Preview. 


For instructions on how to install and activate the Office LTSC for Mac Preview, visit Overview of Office LTSC for Mac Preview. 

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