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How can I create a table in excel where the x axis has columns for a range of values? For example a column for the number of participants with a score of 1-10 another one for 11-20 and so on, with the number of participants on y and the score ranges on x axis.Thank you in advance!

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Like this?


If that's not what you mean, maybe you could be a bit more descriptive. But, in truth, I'm confused as to what the difficulty is. Unless it's the need to make the "1-10" and "11-20" appear as they do in the illustration, and that's just a matter of entering those characters with a single apostrophe at the start (thus entering them as text rather than numbers). i.e., '1-10 and '11-20

Thank you for the reply. Maybe I used the wrong terminology here. I meant a column (or pillar) diagramm, where on the x axis you can find 0-10, 11-20 and so on and on the y axis the number of people that achieved that score.
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You might use the FREQUENCY function. See the attached sample workbook.

Thank you! That was what I was looking for!