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Hi there,


I currently have a template sheet that is saved over and used across numerous projects which has the current prices for standard bits of equipment. I would like to do a cost analysis of what has been costed and the variance on that cost. 


I am trying to find a way that i can do links to the cells within that page that i can update to the job specific document easily. Is there a master link option, where i can just change the document name that it is linked to (all the cells will be in the same spot).


Any help on this would be appreciated

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This sounds like a job for the INDIRECT function. That's a hyperlink, in that last sentence, to a website that explains INDIRECT.


If that does NOT fit your need, please come back with a more complete description and, ideally, a sample copy or two of the spreadsheet template and one or two of the specific job files built on it. You can post those samples on OneDrive or GoogleDrive with a link pasted here that grants access to the files.