Hyperlinks - am I missing something fundamental?

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I am developing a large Excel template that will be instantiated by copy.  Thought I do my poor users a favour and aid navigation thru fancy Hyperlinks.  I select "Reference in sheet".  All worked out reasonably well during construction.  I copy the template (to test in anger) and all Hyperlinks are broken.  A quick test reveals that the best you can hope for in this operation is that the link in the new copy points back to the old copy (template) - not AT ALL what I intended.  Rename the sheet and all links break.


Anyone know a work-around before I delete the feature again from my template?  Thanks.

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@ecovonrein Use the HYPERLINK function. It allows you to hard-code the sheet name and cell address. To make maintenance easy, you can put the sheet names together in one tab and reference that tab.

Thanks. That appears to work better than the GUI !