Sorting data by columns


I need to sort/filter data in my sheet and have the data to move with the sort

I need it to be done by location and then the next column to be done by name and another by date

it also keeps adding my header right under the one thats already there and moving the data where it shouldnt be


do i need to create a list to sort data? or what do i do


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You can try SORTBY.

sorting data by columns.JPG 

will it keep all my other data in those rows with it when it sorts or do i do it by the column

or doin need to have it sorted/filtered left to right


Does the suggested formula return the intended result? If it doesn't can you give an example of your data and of the intended result?

This is the data i need in a table or sheet then i need to have it all added again for this current year so i can keep a running list going of every years data and view it next to each other as a comparison

how do i do this/make it