Excel sheet with list of documents including their file paths.

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For ISO we need to have a master document list for all of our forms and procedures. We also have a separate Excel sheet with all of the document locations entered manually, however, that becomes so time-consuming and can be easily disorganized if a person does not remember to update the document location sheet.


I would like to know if:

- There is a way to enter the file path for each document in the cell next to each name

- And if any of the documents are ever renamed or moved to a new file, can the file path be updated automatically in the spreadsheet?


Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this and for those who may have suggestions.

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You can create an Excel sheet with a list of documents and their file paths. Additionally, you can set up a system to automatically update the file paths if any of the documents are renamed or moved to a new location.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Enter File Paths: In one column of your Excel sheet, enter the names of the documents, and in the next column, enter their respective file paths. Enter the full file path for each document. For example, "C:\Documents\Forms\Form1.docx".
  2. Hyperlink Function: Use the HYPERLINK function in Excel to create clickable links to the documents based on the file paths. In the third column, use the following formula to create hyperlinks:


Where B2 is the cell containing the file path and A2 is the cell containing the document name.

  1. Document Movement: If any of the documents are renamed or moved to a new location, the hyperlinks will automatically update to reflect the new file path, as long as the file is moved within the same folder or drive. If the file is moved to a completely different location, you may need to manually update the file path in the spreadsheet.
  2. Hyperlink Update: If you need to update the hyperlinks for any reason (e.g., after renaming a file within the same folder), you can do so by selecting the column with the hyperlinks, right-clicking, and choosing "Edit Hyperlinks." From there, you can update the hyperlink address for individual cells.

By using the HYPERLINK function, you can create a master document list that includes clickable links to each document and have them automatically update if any files are moved or renamed. This can help keep your list organized and save time compared to manually entering file paths. The text and the steps are the result of various AI's put together.

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Hope this will help you.