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I cannot find a file(A) on my system. 

I have a file (B) that has links to file A. 
can I find the file path for file A from file B?

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You can find the file path for File A from File B if the links are still valid and pointing to the correct location. Here is how you can do it:

  1. Open File B: Open the Excel file (File B) that contains the links to File A.
  2. Edit Links: In Excel, go to the "Data" tab on the ribbon, and click on "Edit Links" (the button may be different depending on your Excel version).
  3. Check the Links: The "Edit Links" dialog box will show you all the links in the workbook. Look for the link that refers to File A. The link will typically show the file path where File A is located.
  4. Open File A: If you have located the link to File A in the "Edit Links" dialog box, you can either copy the file path or directly click on the "Open Source" button to open File A.

Please note that if File A has been moved, renamed, or deleted, the link in File B may no longer be valid, and you may need to update it to the correct file path or location. Additionally, if the links in File B are broken, you may not be able to find the file path without manually searching for File A on your system.

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Hope this will help you.