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I am trying to take a fairly extensive set of Data in Excel and format it in more of a list view. I was thinking a Pivot Table may help me with this but I have ZERO experience with Pivot Tables and wanted to see if there may be an experienced member that may be willing to take a look at my file and help me out.

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I understand that you need to use Pivot Tables to explore and analyze your data.

I suggest using the Recommended Pivot Table feature:




If you need a quick start guide, you can start here:



:I am ready for more help. If you need,  you can share your file with me.

I hope this is useful.


@Ayman Hassan My problem is that I need to include the rows, the columns and all of the data in between and turn it into a report style. I am not positive that a Pivot Table will even do this for me - it was just my first idea.


I have attached the file.


I would ultimately like to filter it by date (weekly), job name and then the technician but I am running into a roadblock as to how to make that happen.