Excel Open issues

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Something odd happened in my Excel...


When I cliked the Open File icon on my toolbar:


I used to get this:


And now I get this:



Which is annoying since before I had immediate access to my pinned files.


It would be fine if I clicked the File tab and got this:



Instead of this:



So, if anyone knows why/how it has changed or how I can change it back, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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Hahaha I prefer it that way. There are two Open buttons you can add. The one that has the behaviour you want can be brought in using these steps:
- Right-click the QAT, choose "Customize Quick Access Toolbar"
- From the "Choose commands from" drop-down, select "File Tab"
- Find "Open" and add it to your QAT.

@Jan Karel Pieterse 


That one IS the ONE in my QAT... which is why I don't know why it is opening the dialogue window instead... I'll tried removing it and adding it back, but it still opens the dialogue window instead of going to the Open section from the File Tab.

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@groverjr If I uncheck this box I get the behaviour you described:


@Jan Karel Pieterse 


It was checked, but I unchecked it and that solved it!


(I guess you meant uncheck not check.)