Excel File issues with add/delete rows only on desktop application, but no issue on Web version.

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I have an excel file I have been working in for over 7 years now, and it has worked without issue until the past month when suddenly, it gives me issues adding and deleting rows which I do regularly in this file.


What's strange is that the issue of adding/deleting rows in this one particular file is only an issue on the desktop application of Excel, but I have no issue adding/deleting rows on the Web version of Excel.


I've done every troubleshooting suggestion that google offers and have contacted Microsoft Tech Support (case #7043097898), and still we cannot identify the issue.


Excel is not telling me that by adding rows I'll be pushing information off the sheet.

I've uninstalled Office Pro 2021 and reinstalled, and it did not fix the issue.

I subscribed to Microsoft 365 to see if that would help, but it didn't.

I removed all conditional formatting on the sheet, and that didn't help.

I went to the last cell in the sheet that had data and cleared all data below and to the right, and that didn't help.

I deactivated the one active add in, and that didn't help.


When I open the file, I can typically add 1 - 20 rows, before it no longer allows me to add (or delete) rows any further.  This issue carries through to each sheet in this one particular file. 


I can add/delete rows in my other excel files without issue on both the desktop application and web app, so it's just this one particular file.


I know there was a recent update Microsoft had.  Not sure if there was something in that update that caused this issue, but any help/guidance you can give is much appreciated.

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Some of my workmates and I are having the same issue and we don't how to solve it neither.