Excel Script Sharing Issues

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Hi All,


I've created a sheet that uses a series of scripts for its basic functionality.  The scripts have been working perfectly well for months (they need to get run multiple times per hour).  When i originally shared the workbooks with people I created a sharing link and emailed it to them.  This rapidly became unworkable because this didn't easily include the ability to remove people's access (and the people who need/don't need access changes fairly constantly).  So i removed everyones access, and re-shared person by person.  Since I made this change issues have arisen around people within the organisation being able to run the scripts.  I've gone so far as to turn the principle users into full owners of both the onedrive folder that contains the workbook as well as the folder that contains the various scripts.


The mad thing is when they open the workbook, they can run the script once, and then it stops working saying they need to contact the script owner as it has been unshared.  Can anyone advise a good solution?  Ideally I would like to embed the script entirely within the sheet so there are not sharing access issues (like a VBA macro used to be).  Is there any way to do this?


Thanks for any advice.

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I didn't catch did you add scripts to the workbook, with or without button, or not?

Sharing Office Scripts in Excel - Microsoft Support


@Sergei Baklan I added the scripts to the sheet with buttons.  It was working perfectly until a few days ago

The utterly bizarre thing is that everyone can run the scripts once, and they work fine.  But when they try and run them a second time, they're being told the script has been unshared.