Excel one drive VBA not working

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Hi, I've created an Excel workbook with VBA. 


I've uploaded  this to One Drive and cannot now run the VBA. I've googled for an answer an am unclear on the next steps...can macros not be run within One Drive, or do they need to be made into eg trusted documents?...(and if so, how do i do this?)


(Note: as this workbook will contain a data connection to a partner site Zapier, who are creating the connection of us, say this workbook needs to live on the One Drive account.




Many thanks Andy

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Hi Andy! Try your actions with MS Flow instead auf your vba procedures and use a PowerApp Form. VBA is past. And another question: is it working as a normally saved file on your desktop? Greets, Eva
Hi Andy

Are you trying to run the VBA while opening the file in Excel Online? VBA won't run in Excel online.

Yes, am trying to do that. Thanks


Thanks, will look into that.


The VBA works fine on my laptop desktop (very quick)



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