Pivot Table - Filter- multiple items- Ordering the options in a logical manner

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I am using the Filter option of Pivot tables

Within that I am using the option to "select multiple items" - which it allows me to do


Excel presents me my very long list of entries ( hundreds of entries  in my case) in a totally random order. It seems to follow no pattern. Not A-Z , which is what I want. So it takes me 5 minutes plus to go through all the list and tick off what I need.

Surely there is a better way ?



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From a sort order point of view you could try pulling the filter into the row field,  sorting it and then putting it back in the filter box


For large numbers of filters I'd go with a separate filter table that you then add a reference column to your source file that uses something like COUNTIF to identify whether that row is one of the items that is in the filter list.


That then gives a simple yes / no filter in the Pivot


See attached