Excel file too large

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Windows 10, Microsoft 365 for Business - I have an excel workbook that is 58 mg and I've tried to share as attachment, as a link, OneDrive, SharePoint, internally and externally and no one can open it. Even if they access it thru shared folder it says file too big - open in desktop.

I need to send this externally also. I can't make it smaller, and it ideally will only get larger as we add information. There has to be a way to share this? help please.

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@Karenmentions5 Depends on what the final goal is.


Is there any excess data (rows/columns) that can be deleted (ie. any data that formulas are not referencing?)


You can Save As the file to a binary sheet (.xlsb) to reduce the file size if it has a lot of data.


You can utilize Power Query to manage your data ETL (extraction, transforming, loading) process if the file is expected to continue growing.