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Create individual Excel spreadsheets with the data from a master file

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Hi Excel-Pros,

I have a large Excel spreadsheet (Master File) with different customer names and their yearly turnover.
I have another Excel spreadsheet (Calculator) which calculates sales bonus according to the yearly turnover of the customer.
I would like Excel to create copies of the Calculator and add the customer name and the turnover to specific cells within the different Calculators.

Thanks for your help,


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I would copy your calc sheet to the file with the data and then use a function like XLOOKUP (in the Calculator sheet) to fetch data from the master file into the calculator sheet.
That´s a good idea, thanks.
However, each of the different customers shall receive his own calulator spreadsheet so after Xlookup, the calculator must be saved as an individual file with the customers name in it and the data of all other customers must not be part of the list anymore.
Is there any way to realise this?