Excel Charts ignoring Zeros

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Hi All


I am trying to produce a line chart for financial results for different organisations as part of a project

unfortunately not all the organisations have the same month as year end, some March and some December.

Is there a way of producing a line chart which would plot this 

Sample data 

251.7 284.5 243.3 244.9 305.9 
102.5 102.0 98.0 102.4 92.3 
 102 153 89 250 124


I was hoping to produce something along the lines of




but using the chart function line graphs appear to not show any information


Sorry its probably a very simple answer i have missed

Thanks in advance




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@Jude_ward1812 The default setting is to show hidden and empty cells as gaps. change it to "Connect data points with a line" On the Chart Design ribbon, Select Data.


See attached.

thank you that's a great help