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I have a question: If I click on properties of an Excel file, I can see when the file was created, the name of the author, the person who last saved it, but is there any way that anybody can see all the people that opened that file and modified it?

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Unfortunately I cannot see from your text whether you are, on a server (or part of it) or work with a personal PC, and I also do not know whether the file is, on SharePoint, OneDrive or on a hard drive.

That is why I can only answer you in general and offer a small proposal for a solution in VBA.


Now to the possibilities, there are different ways to check whether the file has been opened.

It could be done by monitoring the folder under Windows, with VBA code or with Excel “Track Changes”. Maybe there are a few other options, such as third-party software, but I don't know about that and can usually only advise against it.

Depending on which operating system or Office version you are working with, you could use these options.


Possibility to “track changes” with Excel.

Track changes in a Shared Workbook

Get help with Show Changes in Excel


Monitoring the folder under Windows 10

Apply a basic audit policy on a file or folder


With VBA code (who and when the file was accessed)

See the inserted file with the example


At the same time I would like to point out that you can get information / proposed solution / approach faster and more precisely if you pay attention to a few small rules. Here is the link with the information

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Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Hope I was able to help you further with this information.


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That's more data storage (file system, etc) properties. If you keep file on SharePoint site you may track some history. Mainly by SharePoint, partly by Excel (e.g. history of comments was added recently).