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Dear All,


I have an Excel file with 2 sheets: one for employees, and another one for trainings:







In Employee sheet I have 2 columns to choose from trainings listed in the Trainings sheet.

Each employee have to enroll to 2 trainings. I already have a drop down list under Training1 column, including all available trainings & I would like to create another drop-down under Training2 excluding the one, which has been selected as 1st training. Thus, a specific training could be selected only once per row (employee).
Could you advise a solution to create this dynamic drop-down list?


Thank you in advance.



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Attached is one way to do it. This takes advantage of the FILTER function, and that requires either a fairly new Excel or a subscription to Microsoft 365


Here's a YouTube video  that explains this use of the FILTER function more fully.