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Excel Data Validation

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I am working on an excel sheet where I want the input of a cell in a data entry sheet to be either a drop down option or a 6 digit number, depending on the input in the cell above. The above cell is item class and the next cell is item, if the item class is set to "Other" I would like it to allow a 6 digit item code to be entered. And if it is a standard item then the dropdown list will change accordingly.


I currently have the dynamic drop down list working but do not know how to get the cell to allow me to input a 6 digit number if the item class is set to other "Other".




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You could help us help you if you gave a bit more information about 

(a) how you've managed to create the drop down list when it's NOT "Other"?

(b) when a person selects "Other" are any random 6 digits acceptable, or is that too a constrained list? 


Ideally, you would also post a copy of the spreadsheet you have created so far -- posting it on OneDrive or GoogleDrive with a link here that grants access to it.  (In the absence of that, you're asking us to do a lot of guessing on your format, the source of the list you already have, etc.)