Dim a Variable in Excel VBA

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Can I refer to a cell value/text for "dimming" a variable name, instead of typing it manually?

Something like this: "Dim & Range("A1").Text & as Variant", where A1 contains "myText".

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In VBA, if you want to refer the cell's value/text in the code, you can do this!

But you need to declare the Variable name as follows:

Dim Ce11_A1 As Variant


Then assign the cell range to the variable you just declared:

Cell_A1 = Range("A1")

So that you got the value/text of cell A1 stored in the variable Cell_A1.


After that, you can use this variable as you want in the code.



Sub test()
    Dim Ce11_A1 As Variant
    Cell_A1 = Range("A1")
    MsgBox Cell_A1
End Sub


Hope that helps