Excel vba declared a variable using object

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I stupidly decided to name a shape variable as so:


Dim shaPes as Shape


I have since removed the variable and all usage of it from the entire project. Even though I have, every time I want use "Sheet.Shapes" it changes automatically to "Sheet.shaPes". I wouldn't care but it causes the Shape object to fail of course.


Any help would be appreciated!

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@Jeff43615 Did this behavior still occur after you removed the variable, closed Excel, and reopened the workbook?  If so, my suggestion is to use the VBE Tools | References dialog to note the relative location of "Microsoft Excel nn Objects Library", then (temporarily) place that reference at the top in priority.  Save, close, reopen, and check again.

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Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately, I was not able to resolve the error using this method. After digging much deeper in Stack Overflow I was able to find a solution.

Of course I will be avoiding this in the future by staying away from reserved words.
Glad you found a solution, and thank you for posting the Stack Overflow link.