Date picker in mobile app

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I use a certain workbook on both my computer and on my Android phone app on a daily basis. For a couple of years, the mobile app interface automatically provided a date picker and a time picker. This, even though I had no pickers defined in the PC Excel app. Some months ago, the Date picker function on my phone app stopped working, even though the button was visible. Then after a while, even the button disappeared. I would like to get this feature back. The time picker still works. I have talked to MS a couple of times but did not get any resolution. They seem oblivious to the issue. Does anyone know how to get the lost date picker back on the android app? FYI, my workbook is formatted as table. I also use Card View on the phone.

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I neglected to say the phone app is using card view. It is in this view that the date picker got lost.