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Hello. I am looking for help on how to consolidate data from multiple rows. My list includes members certifications, but are listed by certification and then by member. I am looking for a way to consolidate the info per member and if there is a way to auto do this rather than cut and paste. Thank you in advance.

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@SuzyQVT Not sure how the file you uploaded relates to your question. The file contains a list of persons with their certifications. How would you want to "consolidate" this data?

@Riny_van_Eekelen I attached as example for I can't post the real file I am working on. I want to consolidate the rows to show for each member their certifications, rather than listing as each certification. Does that make sense? The list I have right now is over 200 rows so this one is simple that I posted, but trying to be more efficient and know Excel has a feature to help me or would think they do.

@SuzyQVT Understand the confidentiality issue, but how would you want the output to look like?

hey thanks, i have attached a revised file showing below the initial date what i am trying to do. thanks for your help
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@SuzyQVT That helps!!

I'm a big fan of PowerQuery and it took less time to come up with a working solution that what it takes to write this response. See attached in the green table. Something you would want to consider learning?

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hey thanks, i didn't even think about that. thanks so much. I will look up some info online and do some training on it. really appreciate the help.