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Is there a way to make a drop down list that for example has THHN 14 AWG and then from there you can select available color and based off that it shows you a list of the sizes? Also  would I be able to continue to add/remove the sizes if possible to create a drop down like that to simplify this? Thanks!


YELTHHN 14 AWG64 ft/ 261 ft 
ORGTHHN 14 AWG500 ft/ 43 ft/ 246 ft/ 169 ft/ 82 ft/ 78 ft/ 139 ft 
BRNTHHN 14 AWG34 ft/ 208 ft/ 147 ft
BLUTHHN 14 AWG354 ft/ 293 ft / 40 ft 
PURTHHN 14 AWG87 ft/ 315 ft/ 483 ft/ (2) 500 ft
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I'm just going to send you a sample I created some time ago to show how a drop down list could "cascade" (and change) based on first entry, second entry, and so on. If this concept doesn't fit what you're describing you'd like to do, please come back with, if possible, a more detailed description of what the range of choices is.


In the attached sheet there are two very abstract examples. You can add to the primary table (which apparently you want to be able to do) and that affects what is shown in the primary and secondary drop downs.