XML Mapping doesn't seem to work with my table

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I'm working with Configuration Packages in Business Central. I downloaded the Excel workbook provided by Business Central to use for my data import. It's got all my columns that I need and behind the scenes there is an XML Map. I exported this map so I could use it later.


In another spreadsheet, I started with some raw sales data. Using a combo of Power Query and Power Pivot, I was able to create the final data output I need. I saved and loaded the resulting Query to a table on its own sheet. The problem I'm running into is when I try to import my XML Schema file that I mentioned above. When I import it, everything works fine, but when I drag and drop the elements onto my table, I get the following error.


"The operation cannot be completed because the result would overlap an external data range or PivotTable"


What I expected to happen was that it would remap the data just like I see in this video.

Mapping and importing/exporting an XML schema with Excel. - YouTube

My end goal is to produce a workbook that processes our raw sales data into the correct format, copy the tab with the final data to a new workbook and then import to Business Central with a Configuration package.

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Hello Kevin.
I am facing the exact same challenge, and I'm struggling to find a solution.
Were you able to find an acceptable solution?