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in excel 365 i put a comment on a cell, then go back, but the comment can't be seen. i see the red triangle in upper right corner, an arrow like its point to a comment somewhere. problem is the comment i made and now want to see, i nowhere to be found /seen

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Insert comments and notes in Excel

It could be because your comments are formatted to depend on cell size and cell position. For example, if you delete or hide columns that are next to the cell with the comment, the position and size of the comment will change.

You should change that.


Click on the cell(s) with the comment and select Edit Comment.

The comment is now visible and has a border around it. Right-click on it and select "Format Comment..." from the menu. Then switch to the "Properties" tab and activate the selection "independent of cell position and size".

Then what you described should no longer occur.


In addition, I have sometimes had the experience that the comments do not work correctly with very large tables, which are then sorted depending on the situation. They are sometimes displayed far away from "their" cell.

With such files I go:

Via Menu/Data/Validity – allow any value – Input message tab: enter title and input message.

The box that pops up is always the right size.

This type of annotation works fine, but; only appears on cell activation, not when hovered over.




Hope I was able to help you with this info.



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thanks, cell size is normal, it is a very large spreadsheet, "edit" did not allow me to see my comments, recently added comments (they say "reply to comment) i can see, just not any of the ones that have been there a while, the arrow indicates to me that the comment window is way far away somewhere, but i can't get to it to see it.

i have this exact same problem and the tips above did not help to resolve the issue. I should caveat that the comment is viewable in the browser version of excel just not viewable in excel desktop.... WTF!