How do I get text/comments to show on a daily tracker on Excel?

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Hello I have been working on a tracker, it has 57 people inputting information on their own tab but I cant get their comments to show on the daily tracker when they've written in their tabs, just shows as 0 for all of them, when they've each written a few sentences each in that last column?




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The problem is that you are using SUMIF for text.
try using XLOOKUP (if there will only be 1 cell) or CONCAT(FILTER()) (if there might be multiple cells).  For example:
=CONCAT(FILTER('Jamie White'!$N:$N, 'Jamie White'!$E:$E=$A3,""))

or use TEXTJOIN instead of CONCAT if you want to add a separator between the results

Hey thanks so much for your help, it still isnt working, Ive attached 2 photos, I needed it to show comments or feedback per day when I change the date? If that makes sense?




You probably want to use $A$1 instead of $A3, but column H on the Jamie White sheet appears to be empty, so it's not clear what you want to do...

yes it appears they need $A$1 instead of $A3 but they are looking at column N not H so "TESTING" should show up for 2023-07-21. I changed to $A3 in my formula because I was guessing at what they had/needed but the original formula did use $A$1 and that appears to be correct.  But also noted in my reply if there is only 1 line to get returned XLOOKUP is probably better to so maybe:

=XLOOKUP($A$1, 'Jamie White'!$E:$E, 'Jamie White'!$N:$N,"")