Can not insert new rows in a page

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Hi everybody.


I can not insert a row in a page and excel shows me the next message

"Microsoft excel can not insert new cells because it would push nos empty cell off the end of the worksheet. These cells might appear empty but have blank values, some formatting or a formula>Delete enough rows or columns to make room for what you want to insert and then try again"


Somebody can you help me?


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Delete all rows/columns below and to the right of your "real" work space. Save the workbook and re-open.


If you want to check things out before and after performing the above steps, you can click "Workbook Statistics" (MS365 subscribers) on the Review ribbon (or in the bottom left corner of the Excel window). Check the "End of sheet". You might see a reference to  the highest possible row (1048576) and/or column (XFD). Alternatively, press F5, Special..., Last cell. This will take you to what Excel sees as the last cell in your sheet. Do the same after deleting empty rows and columns, close and re-open and check what the end of sheet (last cell) again.





The last row of your spreadsheet contains data. If Excel were to insert a row then you could lose data.

Or, maybe you selected an entire column when applying cell formatting or color and Excel simply thinks you've filled an entire column with information. In which case, you cannot just delete the cells, but you must clear the formatting also. If this is the case, select the cells that have formatting, but no actual data and click the "Clear All" button (on the Home tab under the Editing group to the far right).