Power Query sort ascending or descending based on a parameter

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Hi all,


What do i want:
To sort based on a parameter in power query



I am grouping records, the top record in each duplicate determines which value will be used;

in ascending it will be the lowest value, in descending it will be the highest.


I've tried to use both a custom parameter function and a direct parameter defined in power query.






    #"Rijen gesorteerd" = #!"Table.Sort(#""Lege rijen verwijderd"",{{""Craft"", Order.Ascending}, {""Cost"", order. & Sort_AscDesc}, {""Seed.Lvl"", Order.Descending}})",





The Sort_AscDesc is the parameter i'm using.

I've tried to do the full Order.Ascending in the parameter, tried changing the type, but so far all is rejected; with and without '&' and such as well.


I reckon maybe i can created a custom function for it, but i rather keep it as simple as possible? I'm using parameters in the advanced editor before without issues?



Any help is greatly appreciated,


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In Power Query global constants are equal

Order.Descending to 1

Order.Ascendinng to 0


Thus with parameter that could be like

Sort_AscDesc = 0,
#"Rijen gesorteerd" = #!"Table.Sort(#""Lege rijen verwijderd"",
   {{""Craft"", Order.Ascending},
    {""Cost"", Sort_AscDesc},
    {""Seed.Lvl"", Order.Descending}}