worksheet page stopped showing any rows past 1200

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One worksheet in my excel workbook stops at line 1236 and is grey below.  Will not show data, gridlines, or let me add rows below.  No rows are hidden.  I removed the freeze top row. Tried looking at advanced settings, as it wouldn't let me insert rows, but Ctrl +6 allowed me to do that. How do I locate the rest of the worksheet?  I believe there were completed rows past 1236? Tried finding Disable acceleration Graphics in settings and it doesn't appear where all excel tutorials show it should be.


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@delayne Have a look at the bottom right of the Excel window. You probably selected Page Brake Preview.

Screenshot 2023-07-03 at 17.56.30.png


Select the icon two to the left for Normal. That should bring back the grid lines and everything else you mention.

@Riny_van_Eekelen I have searched and requested help to locate these 3 icons.  They are not showing on the bottom of my excel, and I can't locate them under View , Review, or Page Layout. Now it won't even let me scroll (arrow on scroll bar)  down to see the greyed out. 

Trying to determine if i can open the bar to show these icons?  it shows count, my additional tabs, zoom.


found View normal, once selected it did not correct my issue.Excel Normal view grey rows.png


If you select row 1236 do you see triangle like


at the left bottom of A1236?

@Sergei Baklan No - it just has a box, like the pull down I'd expect to see, and gives me the 4 arrows when I click on

You could use the name box to navigate to A1048576 and then unhide using this method:


Please not stay on A1236 but select entire row 1236. Other words click on 1236. If triangle appears just drag it down.

Thanks Sergio - I understand now. I have the box but it doesn't react or drag down. Just locks up the spreadsheet and makes me restart excel. lol**