Blocked from Using STOCKHISTORY Function Though Signed In

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I'm using Microsoft Excel for MAC version 16.51 on a MacBook Pro 2020 with the M1 Chip.

Have a Microsoft 365 Family account.


When attempting to use the STOCKHISTORY function, I get an error message

"not signed in". What fixes this problem?



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Hi @Magic960 


You are running into error because your are not signed into you Microsoft Office account, the STOCKHISTORY feature is exclusively available for subscription users.


If you are already a subscription user then make sure you are signed in into you account 


Regards, Faraz Shaikh | MCT, MIE, MOS Master, Excel Expert

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Thanks Faraz! That’s just it, I am signed in to my account which according to the requirements Microsoft 365 Family should be able to use STOCKHISTORY.

Realize now using the web-based Excel the function will work. Desktop version or does not work even when signed in. Thanks for your help.