convert txt to excel with spacing more than 1 space

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Hi all. I'm trying to convert a text file to an Excel sheet but just have 1 smallish issue.


The Txt file is formatted like this


"399        Testing: Testing 14.        confirmed testing: testing 14" and it repeats this weird format


I want those big spacers between like 399 and Testing: Testing 14 to be the column separator and so on and so forth. How could I do this?



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@VeeDee1660 If you have Excel365 you could use the TEXTSPLIT function and use 8 consecutive spaces as the column separator. That would look like this:

Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 05.11.44.png

If this is not what you had in mind please clarify and provide some more examples. Perhaps you can share a link to a file on OneDrive or similar.

There are other tools in Excel that can split texts into columns. Which one to use depends on the source, size and quality of the data files, how often you need to do this and your platform (Windows/Mac/Web) and Excel version.