Signed in but getting #Blocked Not Signed In error

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Using the StockHistory function has resulted in me getting this error. I signed out and signed back in and I am still getting this nonsensical error.

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@ZaphodBI am getting the same error.  I had contacted tech support and a couple of hours with them did not fix it.  Supposedly a ticket has been made but I have heard nothing in a few weeks.  There are other posts on this error going back to last year but the response is typically "you need to sign in."  I have not seen a valid fix.  Mine does work for the online version but not the desktop. 

Support indicated it was a Mac OS issue. I have since upgraded to the latest MacOS and the problem persists.
Support no longer even responds to me. I think it is in the "too hard" basket so they are going to ignore it. It is very frustrating because this is 98% of the reason I even have excel.
This is the only reason I have excel. I had a ticket open and they simply closed it without solving the problem.