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I have an array =sum formula that works on one excel spreadsheet but doesn't on another. What am I doing wrong where it doesn't work on the second spreadsheet?

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"doesn't work" is not a complete description of what DOES happen. What are the similarities and differences between the two sheets? What does happen in connection with this formula (which, by the way, probably IS working; just not producing the value or result you expect). Do you get an error message? Do you get a result that's incorrect? Does the formula refer to other cells, other ranges, cells or ranges that differ from one sheet to the next?


@mathetes I’m trying to have the formula look at columns B,C,D row 5 to 193 equal the same as columns N,O,P  row 167 to 193 and give me the total amount in column G row 5 to 193 in column Q row 167 to 193. So if there are multiple entries that are the same in columns B,C,D row 5 to 193 give me the total amount from column G row 5 to 193 that matches column N,O,P row 167 to 193 in column Q row 167 to 193. The formula in both sheets are the same formula however one excel sheet returns the value I’m looking for and in the other excel sheet I get an “value” error message. I’m copying the information from one excel sheet over to the other excel sheet but for some reason the formula is not returning the same value. 

Thank you for your time. I finally created a new excel spreadsheet, copied and pasted the information with the array formula and everything worked.