Annual Budget Summary Page Issues

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Hello, I am new to the community and recently started working on an annual budget templet I had found. Whenever I enter my data in my "Income" or "Expenses" everything works fine and it calculates stuff properly. Whenever I go over to the "Summary" tab I have #Ref! errors all over giving me "Array result was not expanded because it would overwrite data" for each one. Can anyone help me figure out what I need to fix in order to get this to work properly?


Please see the attached photos for reference to see the formula it is using and the errors 


Screenshot 2024-04-12 101147.pngScreenshot 2024-04-12 100307.png

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Photos don't really show enough. And it's not uncommon for templates to be quirky.


So there are two things you could do to help us help you. One would be to post not an image but the actual workbook on OneDrive or GoogleDrive, with a link pasted here that grants access to it. If you have sensitive data in it, use a different copy with some fictitious data,


The other would be to give a link to the original template source. There are LOTS of templates out there and it's not realistic to expect us to go hunting for the one you have.



It could be the indirect formula:


Shouldn't the B44:Q44 ranges be referencing the sheet name Expenses?

@DrkStorm You are aware that you are posting into an Excel forum. It seems you are using Google Sheets, though!

It is an excel doc, my excel was having issues so I used google sheets to try and get it to work. I eventually did