How do I match data from two tabs then pull data from one sheet to the other?

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I have two tabs that are similar, just with updated information from each quarter. I am looking up the unique identifier in column C in tab 1 to match to the previous quarter in tab 2. If there is a match, I want the information from column A in tab 2 to pull over to column A in tab 1. I have tried a bunch of different combinations but nothing is working. Please help! Thank you!

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In A2 on tab 1:

=XLOOKUP(C2, 'tab 2'!C:C, 'tab 2'A:A, "")

Replace tab 2 with the real name of that sheet.

Fill down.

Do you have a sample file so everyone on here can suggest the solution for you and you can just pick which one you like best?