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How can i get xlookup add ins

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XLOOKUP is available only in certain versions of Excel. Here are the steps to ensure you have access to XLOOKUP:

Ensure You Have the Right Version of Excel

XLOOKUP is available in:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Excel 2019 (Windows and Mac)
  • Excel for the Web

If you have an older version of Excel (such as Excel 2016 or earlier), XLOOKUP will not be available.

To access XLOOKUP, you may need to upgrade to a version that supports it.


Happy Excel-ing! :smile:


Thanks for the information, I have the same link in my message but I didn't really look it up :sad:.

Until now I had it in my head that it was also possible in Excel 2019, but now I've been proven wrong :smile:.


Thanks again for the correction.


I was surprized it shall to work in 2019 if someone else creates the file. But didn't test.