Edge Group Policy BUG with New TAB PAGE - RECOMMENDED is getting ENFORCED and not changeable.


@MissyQ  Any update on the fix for this?

I have 85,000 hospital computers we want to switch from IE to Chromium Edge. However, this bug is still outstanding. 

When we set the New Tab Page Location is the Home Page URL we want users to be ABLE to change it. Instead it is enforced.

When you set the NEW TAB Page Location URL in GPO - Default Recommended, it Enforces it so users cannot change it?

That is NOT the point of Recommended. It should only be "let users change but set by default".








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We can also confirm that these "Recommended" policies are being applied as "Mandatory".


This is even the case with build 83.0.478.56.

@DPSmith We have the same problem with Edge 86.0.622.63

87.0.664.41 still have the same issue.

Please Microsoft have a look. If we would fix this setting we would have use mandatory policy, as explained in your article (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/configure-microsoft-edge) "recommended policy provide a default setting that may be overridden by the use".


@MissyQ  any updates on this? This needs to be fixed. It is a bug. How else can we report bugs?

@lforbes Hey, Lara! Thanks for the friendly ping on this. I've moved this thread to the Enterprise section of our forums and reached out to @Kelly_Y for follow up.


Typically, it's best to report bugs through support options that we have available. In the case for bugs with Insider channels, you can reach out to our Insider Support team; they are small and specialize in handling both Insider and Enterprise inquiries, and can help out much faster than those of us on the team can. My team is also a very small team (there's only 3 of us across several different platforms), and things like this can get missed sometimes. I truly do appreciate the poke to resurface this, though, and Kelly should be able to help you out further. :)


Missy Quarry (she/her/hers)
Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

Thanks, @MissyQ !


Hi @lforbes - Thanks for reaching out!  It is the expected behavior for the NewTabPageLocation Policy to function as mandatory when setting to recommended.  The documentation (Microsoft Edge Browser Policy Documentation | Microsoft Docs) for the policy has been updated.  



Please let us know if you have any other questions! 






Hi Kelly,


Thanks for pointing out the documentation has been updated for this policy. It looks like there is more than one thread for this issue:
Users not allowed to change Recommenced Policy - Microsoft Tech Community

The wording of the documentation ("currently") makes it sound like this is still a temporary bug that will be fixed eventually. I have a few vocal users that would love to change their new tab page to something other than what I'm setting in policy. Even if there's no ETA, is a fix for this still in the works? 


@AndrewSAIF Hi Andrew!  I will check with the team if there are any future plans to change the behavior, though it might be after the holidays before I can get some information.  We'll follow up if we can get any insights.  Thanks! 




Hi Kelly, just wondering if there was any update on this issue yet, looks like this issue has come up in a number of different places:

Users not allowed to change Recommenced Policy - Microsoft Tech Community

GPO For Default (User Overrideable) NewTab URL is preventing users from changing - Microsoft Tech Co...

Policy - User Override - Configure the new tab page URL - not working - Microsoft Community

And probably more, I didn't look very hard.


I want to be able to provide my Org a default and recommended setting, but allow them to change it if their needs are different. This must be possible since all of the other "users can override" options seem to work just fine!



Hi @Kelly_Y do you have any news on this issue? Thanks!

Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to reach out and let you know the team is currently investigating additional on startup capabilities.  This would allow users to have more flexibility and hopefully address some of your concerns.  Currently there is no ETA but it is something on our roadmap.  Thanks!