Site to Zone IE policy issue

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I'm having an issue with Edge v109 and IE mode trusted sites not showing when clicking on the IEmode icon, it shows as internet. The user Policy is applied and the registry settings are correct. Strange as Intranet sites are showing correctly.

I am using Zscaler but that doesn't seem to be a factor as other users on Zscaler are not seeing the same issue.

Any ideas?

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@rgrisi Hello!  Is this an issue that just started happening in v109?  


Just to confirm, are you talking about the pop-up message that appears when you click the IE mode icon in the address bar?  


Is there any other issues you have noticed?  Does the site load as expected?  Also, do you have Enhanced Protected Mode turned on?  Thanks! 




Yes, since version 109 is when I noticed it. The sites do load correctly in IE mode. Your screenshot is correct. I don't have protected mode on.
I've tested several other users and for now this is just affecting my machine for now. I'm just trying to figure out what may be causing it.

@rgrisi It is interesting that it is only your machine being affected.  I took a quick look, but I was not able to find any known issues or changes in v109.  


To investigate further, you can reach out to Support for Business Support - Microsoft Edge Developer.  They would be able to gather logs and other diagnostic information to see what's going on.  Thanks!