Learning Pathways updates?

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When will the learning pathways be updated? It appears that the last update was September, 2023. The OneDrive content is definitely outdated.

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I'm interested in this too, we're about to move to OneDrive so it would be great to not have to curate our own guidance with the new look and feel. Similar for the New Teams client.

@CKWGA We drastically need the new Teams client changes to be reflected.  I know some of the changes are minor but it is hard to explain to folks how to use something when the documentation you point to is old.  Please get Learning Path updated as well as all other documentation up to date!

Anyone else having recent issues with the videos in LP loading?
I get all the text, but none of the video assets load.
Yes! I noticed that in ours early this week - assumed it was a problem our side - maybe not!

Yes I noticed that also. I might have to consider removing custom pathways from our intranet site since Microsoft isn't maintaining it.

This is definitely an issue with the solution. Deployed this to my M365 developer tenant, new lookbook deployment, get the same result. All videos from all assets fail to load.


The issues bucket on the Github repo has the issue listed and acknowledge as being an issue:



We noticed last week as one of my clients pointed out that it wasn't working. They are also concerned that Microsoft not supporting it will be a problem. They are nowhere near ready for Viva, a very small organization.
that github issues list states that MS found the underlying issue, developed a fix and it is being pushed out now. should be resolved in 24-48 hours.