New MS Teams client versus Classic

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Hi there!


Yesterday I noticed the following update: The new Teams client will be rolled out on March 31, 2024, for those who are still using the classic client.


I would love if we could exchange ideas and experiences around this topic. There are - I would say - light changes regarding features.


- How do you approach this change?

- Which feature are your users missing the most?

- Which feature are your users enjoying the most?

- What is your experience so far with the new MS Teams client? 


Find a couple of insightful links in the MS documentation:

End of availability for classic Teams client - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

What is changing in the new Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Learn

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Aside from minor changes in the look and feel, the biggest change I've seen is a dramatic drop in the memory and CPU utilization. This was huge for me, since I often have many apps open while collaborating with Teams open. My i5 machine with 16gb of ram used to lag considerably with the old Teams client. It's a huge improvement.
Agree. Do you see any improvements in the performance of tabs, like when using OneNotes as a tab within a channel? I stopped using the OneNotes tab in Teams because my Teams used to crash. I started using the Notes tab, and so far, I have not experienced any issues.

I am wondering if there is any feature you are missing in the new Teams. I do miss a couple of features:

- I miss the ability to bookmark messages, even if the feature did not allow me to search within my bookmarks. Some of my users miss it too.

Other than that, I think I am good to go!