Windows 10 1909

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I have build 18363.778.  FRESH install as of yesterday.


I download the latest MS Edge Beta.  


'Can't run on this PC'.  What gives?


Latest edge beta can't run on latest windows build??!?!  WHAT?!?


No it's not permissions, corrupted install or anything blocking.  EVERY OTHER program I have installs fine, ONLY Edge Beta (from the Insider channel) does NOT.

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       请问您是否尝试过重新安装一次呢?您的Windows 10系统是新安装的吗?您是否选择了错误的Edge版本?您是否可以提供有关此问题的截图呢?谢谢!您也可以点击“这里”尝试去寻找您的问题的答案!