浏览器获取的时区错误 / Get wrong time zone

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My Edge dev get wrong time zone. My PC set time zone to GMT+8 (before browser install into my PC), but browser get GMT-8.

How to fix this?



Microsoft Edge Dev 89.0.723.0

Windows 10 1909 build 18363.1256

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Go to Windows settings => Date & time => Turn off the option that says "set time zone automatically" 

after that select your correct time zone from the drop-down menu and press the "sync now" button on the same page.

report back the results

@HotCakeX Sorry but it doesn't work. Even I relaunch the new Edge.



You can submit a feedback using the feedback button on Edge about this issue. (alt + shift + i)

does it only happen in the console or do the websites also detect the wrong time zone?



Already submit a feedback by that button, but none answer except auto reply.



The wrong time zone not only happen in console, but also in website. In fact, I'm trying to use console is because a website display a wrong time zone but not in other browser.


Thanks for helping me.

It's holiday in US that could be the reason why the responses are delayed


Now I'm in  89.0.760.0 ver. but this issue is still there.

@HotCakeX Now I'm in  90.0.782.0 and it's still there. 

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Now in 90.0.803.0 dev, this problem seems has already solved.

更新至90.0.803.0 dev版本后,似乎已解决这个问题。