IE Mode not available for Servers 1809 LTSC when utilizing Enterprise mode Site list

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We are running into this issue but only on Servers 1809 LTSC (works fine on our Windows 10 1909 and higher PCs). Edge is on latest version 102.0.1245.39


We are trying to enable Edge IE Mode using an xml file but also allow users to manually add sites to their local Edge IE mode list. 

If we turn on InternetExplorerIntegrationLevel (using either 1 or 2) the InternetExplorerIntegrationReloadinIEModeAllowed doesn't work.
However if we either disable InternetExplorerIntegrationLevel or enable it and set it to 0, then the reload option works but it breaks the InternetExplorerIntegrationSiteList XML file. It gets an error "No URL or invalid URL for EMIE SiteList".


I have tried using both computer & user GPO settings and the results are the same. 

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