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Hi, it doesn't seem clear to me what the icon design is trying to tell me. When I see a rectangle with a white stripe on top (in dark mode) I understand that if I click on the icon I will be switching to horizontal tab mode. For me, and I don't know if you interpret it the same way, the correct one would be the icon that appears in the image suggested above



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@Deleted  If you click on the first image (white icon on the top) it will switch to horizontal tabs.


The suggestions you showed would be switching to vertical tabs.

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Personally, I take as the icon verifying what the current state is, "you are currently in Horizontal tab  H Tab 2020-11-13 115715.jpg mode", "You are currently in Vertical tab mode"  V Tab 2020-11-13 115753.jpg


@Dennis5mile Seems like this is only in Canary, recently in Canary they rounded all the icons maybe.
in my case i would prefer the button show what mode will be enabled if click , just like when i have a hide button the text in the box is "hide" not "shown"



I agree with you because it is more intuitive in this way (at least in my opinion)


it doesn't look like that on Edge Dev Version 88.0.692.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)





@Wittycat and @Deleted Thanks for the feedback. I'm tagging in @IrinaL for visibility, in case she can provide any additional context. 


Keep an eye out for more info on these icons soon!


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